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230587 Cultural Theory (S) (SoSe 2021)

Inhalt, Kommentar

The aim of this course is to introduce students to a selection of major theories, models and methods of cultural analysis. We will analyze how the term ‘culture’ has been defined, and look at some of the most influential approaches developed over the past decades.
After introducing students to a variety of approaches, the seminar focuses on theoretical perspectives that are central for the analysis of power relations, hegemonies, and inequalities. Postcolonial theory, decolonial thinking and an intersectional perspective serve as sensitizations or correctives for one-dimensional views. Gender and Queer Studies will complement this critical perspective. In the seminar, we will discuss central representatives of the different concepts with respect to their genealogies, their merits, and their shortcomings. Although we will attempt to put the approaches to use in concrete cultural analyses, the class will focus on the reading and discussion of theoretical texts.


Termine (Kalendersicht )

Rhythmus Tag Uhrzeit Format / Ort Zeitraum  
wöchentlich Do 14-16 ONLINE   12.04.2021-23.07.2021


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Modul Veranstaltung Leistungen  
23-ANG-M-AngGM1 Grundmodul 1: Theories of Language, Literature and Culture GM 1.3 Cultural Theory Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend benotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation
23-IAS-M-IAS4 North American Literature and the Processes of Culture "Literary Theory" oder "Cultural Theory" Studienleistung
veranstaltungsübergreifend benotete Prüfungsleistung Studieninformation
23-MeWi-HM1 Medien, Sprache und Kultur Lehrveranstaltung I benotete Prüfungsleistung
Lehrveranstaltung II Studienleistung
Lehrveranstaltung III Studienleistung
Lehrveranstaltung IV Studienleistung

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Konkretisierung der Anforderungen

– regular attendance
– active participation in class
– reading and preparation of texts
– writing three reflection papers on chosen texts

Module paper (15-20 pages)

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