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300854 entfällt --- [Performing Protest/Performing Power: Practice as Research In Gender Studies and Performance] (BS) (SoSe 2020)

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What is the relationship between the performances of Beyoncé, Jesse Owens, and Thích Quảng Đứ?... Protest! Each of these cultural figures put their bodies on the line, by using protest as performance to challenge power structures, address social equity, and influence social change. Case Studies may include how: How the Klu Klux Klan and the Westboro Baptist Church use protest strategies and religious iconography to terrorize marginalized groups; Jesse Owens’s silent and reverent raised fist at the 1968 Olympics; Beyoncé’s halftime Superbowl performance of her song ‘Formation’ referencing Activism and the Black Panthers. Throughout the class students will be asked to place themselves in a historical continuum where intersections of class, race, gender, and sexuality are considered. Class assignments will include, but are not limited to the well-framed selfie, YouTube confessional videos, response papers, and pop-up performances. Religion through the performative, that is, practices over belief, will be a key theme running through the class.

Key theoretical premises:
Phenomenology (queer)
Radical Standpoint Epistemologies
Theory Generation (liberatory practices)
Practice as Research


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