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300179 Transnational Studies - Work in Progress - Research Class (WkS) (SoSe 2018)

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This seminar focuses on social formations emerging out of sustained cross-border processes (transnational social spaces), their consequences (transnationalization), and corresponding social practices (transnationality). In this seminar participants discuss (1) conceptual work dealing with cross-border perspectives on issues relating to migration, citizenship and development, and (2) work-in-progress which broadly deals with questions of the global social order. At the core are issues of development politics and policies, transnational social policy, international migration and integration, inequalities and equalities, democracy and citizenship. This seminar identifies questions for further research and offers some methodological venues for the study of cross-border transactions.

In particular, this seminar is meant to help doctoral candidates to conceptualize their thesis papers, conduct research and write the final version. Among other things students learn to select relevant literatures, develop a research design and evaluate empirical data.

The core of the seminar is the presentation of work-in-progress by all participants. The papers have to be distributed 10 days ahead of the presentation through ekVV. Papers distributed later will not be considered for discussion. We will devote ca. 90 min (1,5h) to each paper. There will be no oral presentation by the author prior to the discussion. We will delve into the discussion of the paper right away. All participants are required to keep the minutes of the discussion on at least one of the papers.

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Active work on a doctoral dissertation in the field of transnationalization, development, migration and/or citizenship


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