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Faculty of Biology

All degree programmes/courses offered by the department

Academic programme  
Behaviour: From Neural Mechanisms to Evolution / M.Sc.
Biologie / Promotion
Biology / B.Sc.
Biology / B.Sc. (Enrollment until SoSe 2015)
Biology / M.Ed.
Biology / M.Ed. (Enrollment until SoSe 2016)
Biology - Courses offered for the Individual Subsidiary Subjects / BA IndiErg
Environmental Sciences / B.Sc.
Environmental Sciences / B.Sc. (Enrollment until SoSe 2015)
Fundamental and Applied Ecology / M.Sc.
Genome Based Systems Biology / M.Sc.
Industrielle Biotechnologie / Promotion
Molecular Biology / B.Sc.
Molecular Biology / B.Sc. (Enrollment until SoSe 2015)
Molecular Cell Biology / M.Sc.
Electronic mailing list of the department
The electronic course catalogue (eKVV) provides each department with automatic electronic mailing lists to contact their students. Please refer to the notes at the end on how to use the electronic mailing lists :
Students of the degree programmes:
This electronic mailing list reaches all students who enrolled for one of the degree programmes offered by the department and entered their email address in the electronic course catalogue (eKVV). Occasional users who assigned to one of the degree courses themselves can also be reached.
There are two variants of these electronic mailing lists to contact either all female or male students only:
studierende_10017_w@ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de ( All female students )
studierende_10017_m@ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de ( All male students )
Course participants:
This electronic mailing list reaches all students participating at at least one course held by the department in the selected semester.
The participants of the individual courses are mainly determined on the basis of the students' timetables as is the case with the electronic mailing lists for individual courses.
This electronic mailing list is therefore well suited to distribute organizational information applying to all courses held by the department (e.g. information on the organisation of examinations).
Usage and moderation of the electronic mailing list:
To send an email via the electronic mailing lists you need to send it to one of the indicated addresses. Your email is then forwarded to the moderators in charge who then need to approve them for actual distribution.
The electronic mailing lists of this department are being moderated in the department itself. The following persons are in charge of these electronic mailing lists:

Click on the name to obtain contact details such as the email address.

Please contact one of these persons to have your email approved for distribution.
Electronic mailing list for individual degree programmes:
Apart from the above mentioned electronic mailing lists for the entire department there are also electronic mailing lists reaching students of specific degree programmes only. For a description of this electronic mailing list, refer to:
Wiki page on electronic mailing lists related to individual degree programmes
Electronic mailing list for teaching staff:
Automatic electronic mailing lists reaching all members of the department's teaching staff can be found in the directory of staff and departments:
Web page of the department in the directory of staff and departments