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The biological clock of plants

Published on 15. Dezember 2017

‘research_tv’ presents Bielefeld research on Nobel Prize topic

Die Biochemikerin Professorin Dr. Dorothee Staiger von der Universität Bielefeld forscht seit zwanzig Jahren an der inneren Uhr der Pflanzen. Screenshot: research_tv
On Sunday (10.12.2017), the Americans Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael W. Young were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology for their research on the biological clock. They discovered the molecular mechanisms controlling biological rhythms. A new ‘research_tv’ report describes how scientists at Bielefeld are also advancing research on the biological clock. The biochemist Professor Dr. Dorothee Staiger from Bielefeld University explains what the three Nobel Prize winners have achieved and reports on the discoveries her research team has made together with collaborators.[Weiterlesen]
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A Chair for Getting Fit and Trim

Published on 20. Juli 2016
Sweating it out for science – while sitting – at Bielefeld University

Getting fit and athletic – while sitting? Researchers at the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) of Bielefeld University are developing an active chair as part of the KogniHome research project. At first glance, the chair looks just like another other reclining chair with a footrest you would find in a living room in front of the TV. But upon closer inspection, the chair is actually connected to a virtual avatar and has all manner of technical refinements.   [Weiterlesen]
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CITEC Robots win World Championship

Published on 5. Juli 2016
Team of Bielefeld victorious in the RoboCup finale

For the first time, the team from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University has won RoboCup, the robotics world championship. The Team of Bielefeld secured its victory in the household service league RoboCup@Home on Sunday, 3 July. The CITEC team competed with the service robots Floka and Tobi, who were assisted by Amiro mini robots. During the competition, which took place from 30 June – 4 July 2016, the Bielefeld team triumphed over its 23 opponents. RoboCup is the world’s leading – and largest – competition for intelligent robots.[Weiterlesen]
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Bielefeld Engineering Team Wants to Revolutionize Industry 4.0 and the Cloud

Published on 30. Juni 2016
State government of North Rhine-Westphalia funding a start-up from CITEC researchers at Bielefeld University

Seven researchers from the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University impressed the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Science with their start-up paraXent in the start-up contest “START-UP-Hochschul-Ausgründungen NRW” (University Start-Up Spin-Offs North Rhine-Westphalia). The team was able to win over the jury of experts with its ideas and was granted a funding award of approximately 250,000€. The funding period begins on 1 July 2016. [Weiterlesen]
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Mental Training for Soccer Tactics

Published on 22. Juni 2016
CITEC researchers have developed a new mental training technique for athletes    

It’s not only controlling the ball, physical endurance, and dexterity that matter when it comes to playing soccer. Members of a soccer team also have to be at the top of their game when it comes to tactical strategy. Researchers at the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) at Bielefeld University have developed a mental training technique that helps soccer players improve their tactical action. The “kicker” here is that the players can practice with this method without actually being on the playing field. [Weiterlesen]
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Service Robot Floka’s Big Debut

Published on 22. Juni 2016
Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology presents its “Home with a Brain” at the Automatica trade fair in Munich

What must an intelligent apartment provide in order to make everyday life safe, healthy, and comfortable? The Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) will give a glimpse into the home of the future from 21–24 June 2016 at Automatica, the international trade fair for automation and mechantronics held in Munich. Under the banner “A Home with a Brain,” CITEC will exhibit its new research developments at Stand 315 in Hall B4. Here, the service robot Floka will be debuted to the public for the first time. Floka is fitted with a new “social” robotic head that was also developed at CITEC whose facial expressions can signal happiness, worry, interest, or anger.     [Weiterlesen]
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Stem cells from adult nose tissue used to cure Parkinson’s disease in rats

Published on 8. Dezember 2014
Scientists have for the first time used adult human stem cells to “cure” Parkinson’s disease in rats. The finding might someday also lead to therapy prompting a full recovery in human patients for what is considered one of the most severe neurodegenerative diseases, and one that presently has no cure.
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The Best Sensory Experience for Learning a Dance Sequence

Published on 7. November 2014
Bielefeld University partners with the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden

How can a sequence of dance steps best be learned? This question was the subject of a project led by researchers from Bielefeld University and the Palucca University of Dance in Dresden, who developed the study along with dancers and dance instructors. Together they researched whether dancers learn a dance sequence better by seeing or by listening, that is, if a dance instructor first demonstrates the sequence, or if he or she first gives a spoken explanation. The research article detailing the results of this study was recently awarded “Best Paper” at the October 2014 conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science.[Weiterlesen]
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Nationwide Survey: Confidence in times of crisis

Published on 8. September 2014
Bielefeld University responsible for German part of the European Social Survey

How far do politicians pay attention to what people in Europe actually think? That is just one of the topics covered by the longitudinal European Social Survey (ESS). It will be studying the social and political views of more than 50,000 people in both Germany and roughly 30 other European countries. For the first time, Bielefeld University will be responsible for the sub-study assessing people’s attitudes in Germany. It will be starting this month. The ESS is considered to be one of the largest social-scientific surveys in Europe.[Weiterlesen]
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Religious freedom and human rights in constitutions

Published on 5. September 2014

Conference at Bielefeld University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF)

Religion and religious freedom are not just a current and pressing topic in countries such as Egypt that are presently drafting new constitutions. When both drawing up and interpreting constitutions, experts also look at those of other countries and the experiences gained there. ‘Constitutional migration’ is the name given to the process by which ideas and concepts from one constitution transfer to another constitution. How this proceeds with reference to relations between the state and religion and particularly with reference to religious freedom is the topic of a conference to be held at Bielefeld’s Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) from 11 to 13. September.[Weiterlesen]
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