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Published on 2. Juni 2015, 09:32 h

Varied programme ranging from Humour Studies to Intelligent Technical Systems

Registration is open for Bielefeld University’s summer school. Over 300 students, doctoral researchers, academics and professionals will come here in the summer to extend and deepen their knowledge, further their education and share their experiences with fellow national and international students and colleagues. The summer school programme is organised by the university and the “it’s OWL” Cluster of Excellence. The choice of subjects is wide, ranging from the natural sciences, computer science and mathematics to language and literature courses and seminars on history and health-related topics.

Members of the media are invited to report on the summer school programme. Please contact the Press Office. 

Kursteilnehmer an der Universität Bielefeld.
Course participants at Bielefeld University. Archive photo Photo: Martin Brockhoff/Bielefeld University

Historical Sciences
Registration: No longer possible
Faculty: Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology
Title: Political Participation: Ideas, Forms and Modes since Antiquity
Content: Participation is a key concept of modern political discourse. This phenomenon has been around since antiquity and is relevant today. Discussions on participation in decisions and in political resources have always been a subject of social debate. So far, historical research has seldom approached this issue from an epoch-spanning perspective. This is precisely where the summer school intends to start with its consideration of political participation.
The event is linked with the binational Master’s degree programme History Bielefeld-Bologna (BiBoG), which gives students the opportunity to acquire a MA degrees from both universities involved. The summer school is supported by the DAAD [German Academic Exchange Service].
Dates:18-22 May 2015
Target group: The summer school is aimed particularly at advanced Master’s and doctoral students from Germany and Italy.
Participants: 45 participants from Germany, Italy and Greece
Course languages: German, Italian, English
Website: http://uni-bielefeld.de/%28en%29/geschichte/abteilung/arbeitsbereiche/moderne/summerschool_2015/index.html
Contact: Dr. Vito Francesco Gironda
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology
Department of History, email: partizipation@uni-bielefeld.de

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Registration deadline: 15 June 2015
Title: Integrative Biological Pathway Analysis and Simulation
Content: The summer school is a satellite event of the annual International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics 2015 (Bari, Italy). Participants will discuss methods, theoretical approaches and practical applications in the fields of analysis and simulation in biological pathways. Once again this year, the summer school starts with an international workshop, where selected scientific contributions will be presented on this topic.
Dates: 24-26 June 2015
Target group: Bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, molecular physicians
Group size: 20
Course language: English
Contact: Ralf Hofestädt, email: ralf.hofestaedt@uni-bielefeld.de
Website: www.techfak.uni-bielefeld.de/ags/bi/ibpas2015/summerschool/

British and American Studies
Registration: ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/kvv_publ/publ/vvz?id=33845357
Working area: British and American Studies
Title: Humour Studies
Content: International summer school on the topic of 'Humour Studies' (Humour Studies - Structures and Participation Frameworks of TV Comedies; American Comic Literature and Democracy)
Dates: 20-24 July 2015
Target group: MA students of British and American Studies, Inter-American Studies, Linguistics and/or Literary Studies
Group size: 30
Course language: English
Organised by: Professor Wilfried Raussert, Professor Anne Schröder
Website: ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/kvv_publ/publ/vvz?id=33845357

German Language Summer Courses
Registration deadline: 30 June 2015
Title: German Language Summer Courses for International Students and Graduates
Content: German courses in general language proficiency at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). From level B2/C1: specialised language projects in the fields of law, mechatronics, economics, society and politics and business German, extensive leisure programme including two day-trips at the weekend
Dates: 3-28 August 2015
Target group: International students and graduates who wish to learn German or improve their German language skills, or who are planning a study/research stay in Germany/Bielefeld or who wish to experience life in the university town of Bielefeld
Group size: 70 to 80
Website: www.uni-bielefeld.de/sommerkurse
Contact: Theresa Brunsing, email: sommerkurse@uni-bielefeld.de, telephone: 0049 521 106-3679

Stochastic Analysis
Registration: www.bgts.uni-bielefeld.de/daad_network/2015summer/registration.php
Title: Bielefeld Stochastic Summer School
Institute: Bielefeld Graduate School in Theoretical Sciences (BGTS)
Dates: 10 August to 4 September 2015
Organisers: Michael Röckner and Claudia Köhler with the support of the DAAD network "From Extreme Matter to Financial Markets"
Target group: Young researchers in the field of stochastic analysis
Participants: ca 50 doctoral researchers, primarily from Beijing and Bielefeld
Course language: English
Website: www.bgts.uni-bielefeld.de/daad_network/2015summer/index.php
Contact: Claudia Köhler, email: ckoehler@math.uni-bielefeld.de, telephone: 0049 521 106-4767

Health Sciences and Public Health
Registration deadline: 31 August 2015 via http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/gesundhw/ag2/summerschoolide/appl_info.html, f.fischer@uni-bielefeld.de
Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences, Working Group Public Health and Fundamentals of Biomedicine
Title: Infectious Disease Epidemiology - Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Modelling, and Burden of Disease
Content: Infectious disease epidemiology, infectious diseases, surveillance, mathematical modelling, burden of disease, health economics
Dates: 14-18 September 2015
Target group: Public health scientists, physicians, public health professionals
Participants: 30 international participants
Course language: English
Lecturer: Professor Dr. Alexander Krämer
Organiser: Professor Dr. Alexander Krämer
Website: www.uni-bielefeld.de/gesundhw/ag2/summerschoolide/index.html
Contact: Florian Fischer, email: f.fischer@uni-bielefeld.de, telephone: 0049 521 106-4257

Health Sciences and Public Health
Registration deadline: 31 August 2015 via http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/gesundhw/ag2/summerschoolcc/appl_info.html, f.fischer@uni-bielefeld.de
Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences, Working Group Public Health and Fundamentals of Biomedicine
Title: Spatial Epidemiology, Climate and Health - Concepts and Modelling
Content: Spatial epidemiology, epidemiological methods, climate change and health, modelling
Dates: 14-18 September 2015
Target group: Public health scientist, geographers, climatologists, town planners, physicians, public health professionals
Participants: 30 international participants
Course language: English
Lecturer: Professor Dr. Alexander Krämer
Organiser: Professor Dr. Alexander Krämer
Website: www.uni-bielefeld.de/gesundhw/ag2/summerschoolcc/index.html
Contact: Florian Fischer, email: f.fischer@uni-bielefeld.de, telephone.: 0049 521 106-4257

Intelligent Technical Systems

Registration deadline: 03 July 2015
Content: Intelligent technical systems are the key to tomorrow’s products and product systems. The “it’s OWL” Cluster of Excellence is the national leader in this field, and together with over 170 industrial and research partners it promotes development in the areas: self-optimisation, human-machine interaction, intelligent networking, energy efficiency and systems engineering. Participants of the “it’s OWL” summer school receive an overview of current research findings and application possibilities concerning Intelligent Technical Systems. Academic and industrial experts present fundamentals, procedures and practical examples. During lectures, workshops, demonstrations and company visits, participants discover how the innovation leap can be made from mechatronics to Intelligent Technical Systems. A half-day session on the topic of human-machine interaction will be organised by Bielefeld University’s CoR-Lab (Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics).
Dates: 14-18 September 2015 (full day)
Target group: Master’s students, doctoral researchers and young professionals in the fields of engineering and natural sciences as well as computer science and mathematics
Group size: Maximum 25 (knowledge of German required)
Organiser: it’s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH
Website: www.its-owl.de/services/weiterbildung/summer-school/
Contact: Antje Kreinjobst, project manager, it‘s OWL education drive
Telephone: 0049 5251 5465276, telefax: 0049 5251 5465102, email: a.kreinjobst@its-owl.de, www.its-owl.de


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