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Veröffentlicht am 13. November 2017, 09:37 Uhr

Am Dienstag, 21. November 2017, findet von 14:00 (s.t.) bis 16:00 Uhr in X-E1-107 die LehrBar spezial unter dem Titel "Using narrative structure to improve comprehension of sciene articles" statt.

Einen kurzen Impuls gibt Mónica Gonzáles-Márques.

Why is reading scientific articles so difficult? Most learners experience a deep-rooted anxiety when told they must read scientific texts of any type. When asked, they describe the process as overwhelming, frightening, and intimidating (Negrete & Lartigue, 2004). Yet, when asked to read a novel, no such feelingsemerge. The experience most readers have with classic narrative is in stark contrast to reading science. Most never receive much training, other than being told repeatedly that what they are reading is not a story. We argue that this assessment is incorrect. If narrative underlies general information structuring, then it should also underlie scientific literature. As such, we propose that once students learn to read science as narrative, their comprehension will increase significantly.

Monica Gonzalez-Marquez is Lecturer and Research Associate at the Department of English, American and Romance Studies (IFAAR) at RWTH – Aachen University, Germany. Her research focuses on developing empirically tested methods to improve science reading skills using cognitive narrative.

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