Welcome Day 19/20

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Welcome Day 19/20

:: 22 doctoral students join the BGHS ::

On Wednesday, 9 October, the Welcome Day took place at the BGHS in the winter semester 2019/20. Ursula Mense-Petermann, Director of the BGHS, welcomed the new PhD students. Afterwards Sabine Schäfer, academic director of the BGHS and Bettina Brandt (scientific director of the School of Historical Research) informed about the BGHS, the Faculty of Sociology and the Department of History. In addition, the Doctoral Representatives and the coordinator of the project "Extra-university Careers for Humanities and Social Sciences" introduced themselves Ulf Ortmann. At the subsequent coffee break in the BGHS lounge, all participants were able to talk to each other and get to know each other.

Three contributions provided the doctoral students with knowledge for future challenges after the break: What opportunities are there for scholarships during the doctorate? How can I structure my writing process? And how can I integrate stays abroad into my work?

We would like to thank the Service Center for Young Researchers, the Writing Centre and the International Office for their valuable input.

Links above: Bettina Brandt; center: Stefanie Haacke; top right: Antonia Langhof. Photos: Hannah Grüneberg

Links: Sabine Schäfer; right: Karin Kruse. Photos: Hannah Grüneberg

The new doctoral candidates at BGHS

22 new doctoral students started their dissertation projects at the BGHS in the winter semester 2019/2020: Four historians and 18 sociologists.

Photos: Hannah Grüneberg

New BGHS PhD students and their research projects:

  • Lorena Albornoz Garrido (History): Developing a strategy to recover the parliaments ethnopolitical negotiations
  • Wojciech Wientzek (Story : "Silence but you can't!") Peter Weiss, Heiner Müller and Luigi Nono as "political brokers" and intellectual border crossers in the Cold War, 1960-
  • Simon Groß (History): Helmut Schelsky and the Sociological Field of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Nicole Schwabe (History): The Own in the Stranger? Diachronic discourse analysis on historical-didactic world designs in the 20th century
  • Verena Stern (Sociology): "We're not Nazis." On the cooperation of 'concerned citizens' with right-wing extremists in protests against asylum accommodations in Germany
  • Valentina Francisca Rivera Toloza (Sociology): Female employment in Chile and Germany during 1990-2015: How public policies and cultural changes shape or un-shape gender equality?
  • Malin Houben (Sociology): Gynaecological Practice. An ethnographic investigation
  • Felix Maximilian Bathon (Sociology): Communication in small groups - Studies on small groups as a social system
  • Lisa De Vries (Sociology): The labour market situation of homosexuals: Disadvantage and discrimination in the course of employment
  • Özgür Salmanog (Sociology):Analyzing Nietzsche's and Foucault's Concept of Power from the Perspective of the Political
  • Emre Cakirdiken (Sociology): Political trends in transformation: the rise of populism and future of democracy
  • Cansu Erdogan (Sociology): ´Harmony´ between Actors in Long-Term Care Provision: Different Welfare Cultures Giving Rise to Different Modes of Regulation?
  • Nele Weiher (Sociology): Between Self-Determination and Self-Determination. To the identity production of Trans* in the context of escape.
  • Kristina Willjes (Sociology): Doing digitalization - The introduction of electronic file management in a local job center
  • Elisa Gensler (Sociology): The design and evaluation of digitised regulation in work organisations and its effects on the autonomy of employees
  • Stefan Wilbers (Sociology): "Historical Sociology of University Rankings. Institutionalization of a Modern Comparative Practice, 1900-1980"
  • Dorian Tsolak (Sociology): Explaining Female Migrants' Labour Force. Participation by Family and Cultural Heritage
  • Thi Dieu Hien Nguyen (Sociology): Social welfare for workers in Phu Bai industrial park, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam: Actual situation, roles and challenges
  • Tipu Sultan (Sociology): Gender role and work life balance among dual earner couples
  • Janes Odongo (Sociology): Factoring Disaster Management into Regional Development Planning: A Study of Devolved Governance in Kenya
  • Md. Moynul Haque (Sociology): Civil resistance in Bangladesh: A study on student dimension of protest movements
  • Yueran Tian (Sociology): Restructuring Welfare and Care: An Ethnographic Study of Vocational Training and Migrant Factory Workers in Post-Socialist China
  • Abel Yonas Zekarias (Soziologie): Migrants' remittances and rural livelihood: concomitant considerately? Evidences from the rural Ethiopia.
Further information on the new doctoral candidates at the BGHS and their research projects as well as on all doctoral candidates can be found at:
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