BGHS Winter Term 2015/16 in review

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BGHS Winter Term 2015/16 in review

Please find attached some highlights of the BGHS Winter term 2015/16 in review. For dates and events at the BGHS in summer term 2016, please see: BGHS-Calendar

BGHS New Messages: The BGHS Journal New Messages has been published and distributed in December, 2015. The journal provides information about the programme and current activities of the BGHS. The reception of the Journal has been very good.

Cover of the new BGHS Journal »New Messages. A Dialogue between History and Sociology«.
Online-Edition: www.uni-bielefeld.de/bghs/Publikationen//New_Messages/index.html


Completion Shortcuts: At the end of January 2016 the Shortcuts scholars have completed their training programme at the BGHS. Three sociologists and three historians had four months to prepare exposés for their doctoral projects. All three historians have applied for the PhD programme thus fulfilling the aim of the Shortcuts programme namely increasing the proportion of female doctoral researchers in the department of history at Bielefeld University.

Participants in the Shortcuts programme 2015 (from left to right): Sophia Stockmann, Nicole Najemnik, Kerstin Schulte, Lina Peitz, Teresa Gärtner, Theresa Hornischer.
For more information please see: http://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/bghs/entry/bghs_shortcuts_programm_2015_beendet


Completed Dissertations: In 2015, a total of 21 dissertation projects were completed at the BGHS, of which 7 are in history and 14 in sociology , 11 by women and 10 by men. From January till March 2016 five dissertations have already been successfully completed. On 22 January 2016 sociologist Juliana Werneburg successfully defended her doctoral thesis at the Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University. This makes her the 100th BGHS doctoral researcher who has successfully completed a dissertation project. Juliana Werneburg submitted a dissertation entitled Entstehen berufliche Ungleichheiten zwischen Geschlechtern in Partnerschaften? - Commitment anstatt Verhandlung und Macht in partnerschaftlichen Tauschbeziehungen [business and career inequalities between genders in partnerships]. The first- and second supervisors of the doctorate are Prof. Dr. Martin Diewald (Bielefeld University) and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schupp (FU Berlin).

Juliana Werneburg is the 100th graduate of the BGHS. For more information see BGHS.NEWS:


Workshop Time in History/Time as History: On 7th and 8th of December 2015 Zoltan Simon, doctoral researcher at the BGHS, organized an international workshop with the topic Time in History / Time as History in which ten researchers from Belgium, Finland, Germany and the United States presented and discussed their research.

  Poster of the workshop »Time in History/Time as History« at theBGHS. For more information, please see:


Workshop Postkolonialismus und China?: Three doctoral researchers of the BGHS - Lili Zhu, Marius Meinhof and Jun Chen Yan - organized a workshop on 15th and 16th of January, 2016 which studied China from a post-colonial perspective in eleven lectures.

Poster workshop »Postkolonialismus und China?« at the BGHS. For more information, please see:


Meet the Alumni: On 19 January 2016, the first event of the new BHGS series Meet the Alumni was held. Four former BGHS doctoral researchers - Gleb J. Albert, Ruben Quaas, Li Sun and Anna Zaytseva - from Berlin, Delft, Detmold and Zurich - shared about their career paths after graduation and conversed with the current doctoral researchers at the BGHS about possible prospects ‘after’ their doctorates. While Gleb J. Albert, postdoc in the Department of History, University of Zurich, and Li Sun, postdoc at Delft University of Technology, are still active in the academia, Ruben Quaas, now an instructor for fair trade at Brot für die Welt (church development service), and Anna Zaytseva who shortly after her graduation in 2011 started working at the University of East Westphalia-Lippe as advisor for career service, shared their experience outside the academia.

BGHS Alumni talking to Melanie Eulitz (2nd from the left): Ruben Quaas, Anna Zaytseva, Li Sun und Gleb J. Albert (from left to right). More information is available on the blog BGHS.NEWS:


InterDisciplines: Issue 02/2015 of the BGHS’ e-Journal InterDisciplines on the topic Between Passion and Senses? Perspectives on Emotions and Law has been published in December 2015. Guest editors of this issue are Dagmar Ellerbrock (TU Dresden) and Sylvia Kesper Biermann (Justus Liebig University of Giessen).

Cover InterDisciplines Volume 6, Issue 2 (2015) »Between Passion and Senses? Perspectives on Emotions and Law«.
For the complete issue, please see: http://www.inter-disciplines.org/index.php/indi/issue/view/18


Linie 4: The new series of public lectures at the BGHS Linie 4 started in cooperation with the vhs Bielefeld on 9th of February 2016. A total of eleven lectures run from February to July 2016 every two weeks - Tuesday evenings in vhs at Ravensberger Park. The series wants to address the public with the vast and different dimensions of the term "body" such as the physical, metaphysical, social or political body. Four of the lectures are in English.

Poster of the public lecture series »Line 4« (detail). For more information on the project:



Dissertation awards for BGHS Alumni: On 17 February young scientists of Bielefeld University were honored by the Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld (UgBi) [University Society] for their theses. Among them were two Alumni of the BGHS, Dr. Susanne Koch (Faculty of Sociology) and Gleb J. Albert (History Department, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology). Dr. Susanne Koch has written a dissertation entitled: The Impact of Foreign Experts on Policy Making in Young Democracies. A Comparative Analysis of South Africa and Tanzania. The dissertation by Gleb J. Albert is entitled: The Charisma of the World Revolution. Revolutionary Internationalism in the Early Soviet Society, 1917-1927. For a detailed report on the doctoral thesis awards in 2015, see: http://ekvv.uni-bielefeld.de/blog/uniaktuell/entry/die_besten_doktorarbeiten_2015


BGHS-Evaluation: The BGHS evaluation process 2015/2016 has started with an online questionnaire for the doctoral students of the BGHS. Further steps of this year’s BGHS evaluation will be interviews with supervisors. The results obtained from the online survey and the interviews are summarized in a preliminary evaluation report and reviewed by an external body. In autumn 2016, the evaluation should be completed and a final report will be published.


BGHS-Conference Perspektive 2017+: On 16 and 17 March 2016 the BGHS hosted the conference Perspektive 2017+. It was about the future of Graduate Schools in Germany that are funded by the Excellence Initiative until 2017. For further information please see:

For dates and events at the BGHS in summer term 2016, please see: BGHS-Calendar

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