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Report from Vlotho

A weekend, secluded from the academic everyday work, to be able to focus on the presentation and discussion of new doctoral projects: That's the Research Retreat.

The Research Retreat of 2019 took place from 22 to 23 november in Vlotho near Bielefeld. 21 doctoral researchers took the opportunity to present and discuss their dissertation projects. In addition to the new colleagues Prof. Dr. Ursula Mense-Petermann, Prof. Dr. Peter Kramper and Prof. Dr. Oliver Flügel-Martinsen participated in the presentations and discussions of the projects.

The participants of this year's Research Retreat with Peter Kramper, Ursula Mense-Petermann and Oliver Flügel-Martinsen. All Photos: Hannah Grüneberg

The BGHS-specific format serves to network young scientists who have started their doctoral studies this year and to support the development of their projects

The groups are put together in a mixed way: sociologists meet historians and at the same time get to know interdisciplinary approaches, theoretical framing and methods of the other discipline.

We talked with Filip Vukusa about his experience of the Research Retreat:

Filip, how did you experience the Research Retreat?

For me it was a great opportunity to learn more about the projects by colleagues from different disciplines, as well as to get valuable feedback and insight from a new and fresh perspective. It was interesting to see that regardless of the discipline everyone seems to have similar hurdles to overcome at the start.

What was special for you about the Research Retreat?

The fact that it takes place on a remote location over a two day period is really important. Just spending additional time together was a bonus in itself.

The open and friendly atmosphere gave everyone a chance not only to discuss their research, but to get to know each other and talk about things that would normally rarely come up in a more formal and time-constrained setting. All in all, it was a really great experience.

Thanks for your report, Filip!

The participant's dissertation projects:

  • Aziz Mensah (Sociology): The Association between Work-Life Balance and Self-Reported Health among Working. Adults in European Welfare States: A gender and Cross-Country Analysis
  • Alice Farneti (Sociology): The Politics against Sexual Violence in Academia: A Qualitative Study of Institutional Continuity and Change in Quebecer Universities
  • Moynul Haque (Sociology):Civil Resistance in Bangladesh: A Study on Student Dimension of Protest Movements
  • Ngoc Luong (Sociology): Moral Struggles and Politics of Care under Market Socialism: Provision welfare for migrant workers in global factories in Vietnam
  • Abdul Rauf (Sociology):Boundary (un)making by youth refugees in urban spaces
  • Anass Khayati (Sociology): To see a World in a Grain of Sand: The Geopolitics of Learning at a German Public University
  • Valentina Rivera (Sociology): Changes in gender role attitudes and female employment: a comparative study in Chile and Germany
  • Aristeidis Myriskos (Sociology): From inclusive to equal European public spheres: bringing the theories of feminism and agonistic pluralism back in
  • Sinmi Akin-Aina (Sociology): Claiming ‘gray space’, re-framing rights: Citizenship, Regional Political Intervention, and Urban Refugees in Dar es Salaam
  • Filip Vukusa (Geschichte): (Re)Constructing Urban Medieval Social Networks: A Comparative Study of 14th Century Populations of Zadar and Rab
  • Zhenwei Wang (Sociology):Patriarchy in Domestic Spaces in Late-Socialist China: An Ethnography on Young Couples’ Family Life during the Festival. Reunions in Yangtze River Delta
  • Yueran Tian (Sociology): Restructuring welfare and care: an ethnographic study of vocational training and migrant factory workers in post-socialist China
  • Abel Zekarias (Sociology): Migrants’ Remittances and Rural Livelihood: Concomitant considerately? Evidences from the Rural Ethiopia
  • Olga Olkheft (History): Re-conception of Russian Avant-Garde art in the context of Cultural Cold War (1960s - 1980s)
  • Priska Cimbal (Sociology): Transformation von Handlungsräumen
  • Cansu Erdogan (Sociology): Development of Long-Term Care Policies in Turkey: (Inter)national Actors, Policy Diffusion and Translation
  • Lisa de Vries (Sociology): Die Arbeitsmarktsituation von Homosexuellen: Benachteiligung und Diskriminierung im Erwerbsverlauf
  • Simon Groß (History): Helmut Schelsky und das soziologische Feld der Bundesrepublik
  • Anna Grotegut (History): Besteuerung von städtischen Immobilien. Bewertungs- und Vergleichspraktiken in Deutschland und Großbritannien 1870–1950.
  • Malin Houben (Sociology): Die gynäkologische Praxis. Eine ethnographische Untersuchung.
  • Nele Weiher (Sociology): Zwischen Selbst- und Fremdbestimmung. Zur Identitätsherstellung von Trans* im Rahmen von Flucht.

Further Information about course formats in the BGHS:

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