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1. Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft / Studienfächer / British and American Studies (Anglistik) / Projektmitarbeiter
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2. Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft / Beauftragte / Modulbeauftragte / British and American Studies (Anglistik) / Modul 23-ANG-AngPrM Praxisstudien-Modul
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I am no longer co-ordinating this module.


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Curriculum Vitae


  • 2 / 2016: Habilitation (Postdoctoral Degree), Bielefeld University
  • 4 / 2007: Ph.D., English and American Studies, University of Münster
  • 10 / 2000: M.A., Art History, English and American Studies, Modern and Contemporary History, University of Münster
  • 1994 - 2000: Studied Art History, English and American Studies, and Modern and Contemporary History, University of Münster and College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, USA

Academic Career

  • 10 / 2015 - : Lecturer (Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben), University of Wuppertal
  • 10 / 2014 - 7 / 2015: Adjunct Lecturer in American Studies, Department of Linguistics and Literatures, Bielefeld University
  • 02-03 / 2013: Postdoctoral Research Stay, University of Texas Libraries, Austin, TX
  • 10 / 2012 Visiting Scholar, Instituto Mora and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City
  • 6 / 2011 - 5 / 2014: Postdoctoral Researcher in American Literature and Culture, Bielefeld University; Research Project Lone Star Vistas: The Construction of Texas in U.S.-American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives, 1821-1861 (sponsored by the German Research Foundation)
  • 1-5 / 2011: Research Fellow, Bielefeld Young Scholars Fund, Bielefeld University
  • 2011 - : Academic Member, Center for Inter-American Studies (CIAS), Bielefeld University
  • 10 / 2010 - 3 / 2011: Adjunct Lecturer in American Studies, Department of Linguistics and Literatures, Bielefeld University
  • 11 / 2007 - 10 / 2010: Research Group Assistant for North American Studies, Research Group E Pluribus Unum? Ethnic Identities in Transnational Integration Processes in the Americas, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University
  • 10 / 2004 - 3 / 2005: Adjunct Lecturer in English and American Studies, English Department, University of Münster
  • 09 / 2004: Doctoral Research Stay, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and New York University, New York City
  • 10 / 2002 - 2 / 2003: Tutor, Sociology Department, University of Münster
  • 08 / 1997 - 5 / 1998: German Language House Tutor, The College of William and Mary

Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

  • 6 / 2011 - 5 / 2014: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, German Research Foundation
  • 1-5 / 2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Young Scholars’ Fund of Bielefeld University
  • 2011 - 2012: Two Conference Travel Grants, Bielefeld University
  • 2011 - 2011: Two Conference Travel Grants, German Academic Exchange Service
  • 2010: Publication Grant, German Academic Women’s Union, for the monograph Stages of Agency
  • 10 / 2004 - 3 / 2005: Teaching Fellowship, Office of Gender Equality, University of Münster
  • 11 / 2001 - 10 / 2003: Ph.D. Scholarship and Conference Travel Grant, Government of North-Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2001: Promotion of Women’s Issues Award, University of Münster (awarded as member of the student association Genus)

Teaching in Bielefeld
(for my courses at the University of Wuppertal, see my homepage there:

  • Sumer Term 2015: (En)Gendering American Modernism, 1920-1940 (seminar); American Political Theater and Drama (seminar)
  • Winter Term 2014-15: Early African American Autobiography (seminar)
  • Summer Term 2013: The Mediterranean in 19th-Century American Literature (seminar)
  • Summer Term 2012: American Sports Cultures (seminar)
  • Summer Term 2011: From Colony to Republic: Early American Literature and Politics, 1770-1820 (seminar)
  • Winter Term 2010-11: Brave New World(s)? Literatures and Cultures in Colonial North America (seminar)
  • Summer Term 2010: Science and Narrative in 19th-Century America (seminar)
  • Summer Term 2009: The U.S.-American City: Visions, Discourses, Representations (seminar)
  • Winter Term 2008-09: Broadway and Beyond: 20th-Century American Theater and Drama (seminar)

Organization of Events

  • 2012: Co-Organized the International Postgraduate Forum conference Exploring the Periphery, Bielefeld University
  • 2008 - 2009: Organized nine conferences, symposia, and workshops with the Research Group E Pluribus Unum, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University
  • 2000 - 2005: Organized six lecture series and a conference with the student association Genus--Münsteraner Arbeitskreis für Gender Studies, University of Münster

Professional Memberships

  • German Association for American Studies (DGfA)
  • Collegium for African American Research (CAAR)
  • Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas (MESEA)
  • Internatoinal Association for Inter-American Studies (IAS)
  • Western Literature Association (WLA)
  • Deutscher Hochschulverband (DHV)

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

Research Area
North American Literary and Cultural Studies

Research Interests
Travel Writing, Drama and Autobiography
Ethnic (especially African American) and Gender Studies
Inter-American Studies
Literature and Medicine
Popular Culture (Sports, Music, Film)

Most Recent Major Research Project (2011-2015):
Lone Star Vistas: Constructions of Texas in U.S.-American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives, 1821–1861
The research project analyzes narrative constructions of Texas as a geographic, social, and (trans)cultural space from Mexican Independence (1821) to the beginning of the U.S. American Civil War (1861) in selected works of American, Mexican, and German travel writing. Through the lens of the travelogue, it looks at the ways the three major non-indigenous ethnic groups that settled in the region contributed to the public discourses on Texas during the most formative years of its history. Previous research on nineteenth-century Texas has almost exclusively focused on the periods of independent (1836–1845) and—to an even larger extent—U.S. American Texas (since 1845). Studies on the era’s travel writing of the United States have not only largely excluded Texas but also limited themselves to analyzing a single national literature, respectively. The present project is based on the assumption that travel narratives, both domestic and foreign, contribute to shaping national and regional identities, cultures, and landscapes. It closes a gap in the scholarship on Texas in the first half of the nineteenth century from a comparative, transnational perspective. With its exemplary analysis of different types of travelogues, the project further contributes to the theory and systematic study of this genre of writing.