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Herr Dr. Abdeldjallil Naceri: Kontakt

1. Technische Fakultät / AG Neuroinformatik
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Curriculum Vitae

CurrentPostDoc at department of Cognitive Neuroscience & Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence (CITEC)
Jan. –July 2011 Research fellow at Italian Institute of Technology
2010PhD in Robotics, Neurosciences and Nanotechnologies, University of Genoa in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Technology
2005MSc in Control systems, University of Constantine, Algeria
2003BSc in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Constantine, Algeria

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

When humans grasp and manipulate objects there are many solutions in terms of digits locations or how much force each digit should apply. This problem is highly unconstrained as infinitely many different combinations of finger positions and force distributions lead to stable grasps. This is due to the many redundancies at different levels of the sensorimotor system (redundancy problem or Bernstein problem). I am investigating how Central Nervous System (CNS) solve the redundancy problem during unconstrained grasping and manipulation tasks using tactile object developed by Neuroinformatics group at Bielefeld university

Other research interests:

  • Haptics and human machine interaction
  • Perception and action in virtual reality
  • Human and machine learning
  • Linear and non-linear systems
  • Control theory


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