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1. Center of Excellence - Cognitive Interaction Technology CITEC / Beteiligte Forschungsgruppen / Kognitive Systeme und soziale Interaktion
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Sebastian works in Stefan Kopp's 'Social Cognitive Systems' group at Bielefeld University. He conducts experiments and data analyses for investigating human cognitive principles in order to understand their effects on human-machine interaction (HMI). His work focusses on combining signals from multiple modalities in order to design interaction policies for robots or virtual agents that enable them to respond swiftly and to create immediacy in the interaction. Also, he develops a computational model that enables human users to communicate fluently with a robot or virtual agent. The model is aimed at incrementally combining signals from multiple modalities. By incorporating the principles underpinning human cognition and communication, the agent will naturally meet the users' expectations. This enables an intuitive social interaction between humans and machines. Understanding the cognitive principles in human-human interaction and applying them in HMI was the focus of the JAMES project (Joint Action in Social Embodied Systems) in Jan de Ruiter's Psycholinguistics group at University Bielefeld.
Sebastian completed his PhD in visual word recognition in Royal Holloway, University of London. This research investigated the processes involved in recognising a word through masked primed lexical decision experiments on congruency effects, computational models and estimating the typicality of words and nonwords. Sebastian completed his Magister Artium degree in linguistics, informatics and German language studies with a project in Psycholinguistics at Universität Leipzig.

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