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1. Centrum für Biotechnologie - CeBiTec / Arbeitsgruppe O. Kruse
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2. Fakultät für Biologie / Algenbiotechnologie und Bioenergie
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Curriculum Vitae

Nationality: Canadian

Bielefeld University, Faculty of Biology, Algae Biotechnology and Bioenergy Group - Postdoctoral Fellow January 2015-current.
EU Horizon 2020 Grant No. 640720 - Photofuel

Bielefeld University – D.Sc. (Ph.D.), Dr. rer. nat. 2011-2014
Thesis: Heterologous expression of an ice binding protein from the microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with an optimized nuclear gene expression system
Thesis: 1.0, Defense: 1.0, Magna cum Laude
Scholar in the Cluster of Industrial Biotechnology - Graduate Cluster (CLIB-GC).

Queen’s University, Canada – Master of Science 2009-2011
Thesis: Lolium perenne antifreeze protein, part of a freeze-tolerance strategy

Queen’s University – Bachelor of Education 2008-2009
Specialty: Intermediate-Senior division
Among many placements, taught one three-week session at the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico.

Queen’s University – Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2004-2008
Biology Major
Honours Thesis: Using an antisense strategy to confirm the identity of a candidate gene in the shrivelled leaf activation tagged mutant poplar and identifying the role of epigenetic modification in the regulation of phenotype in activation tagged Populus (received highest thesis mark of graduating year: 92%).

Scholarships and Awards
Doctoral Completion Scholarship, Bielefeld Young Researcher’s Fund, Bielefeld, Germany, 2014.
Cluster of Industrial Biotechnology Graduate School (CLIB-GC) Doctoral Scholarship, Bielefeld, Germany, 2011-2014.
Jennings Scholarship in Life Sciences Laureate, The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada, 2004
Ontario Scholar, 2003
Honour Roll Award, Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Ontario, Canada, 2003.

• Lauersen K. J., Baier T., Wichmann J., Wördenweber R., Hübner W., Huser T., Kruse O. 2016. Efficient phototrophic production of a high-value sesquiterpenoid from the eukaryotic microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Metabolic Engineering doi:10.1016/j.ymben.2016.07.013.
• Lauersen K. J., Willamme R., Coosemans N., Joris M., Kruse O., Remacle C. 2016. Peroxisomal microbodies are at the crossroads of acetate assimilation in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Algal Research 16, 266–274
• Lauersen, K. J., Huber, I., Wichmann, J., Kaluza, I., Baier, T., Leiter, A., Gaukel, V., Pütz, B., Kartushin, V., Rattenhol, A., Steinweg, C., von Riesen, L., Posten, C., Gudermann, F., Lütkemeyer, D., Mussgnug, J. H., and O. Kruse. 2015. Cultivation conditions for production of a secreted recombinant protein from cell wall deficient Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Journal of Biotechnology 215: 62-71.
• Lauersen, K. J., Kruse, O. and J. H. Mussgnug. 2015. Targeted expression of nuclear transgenes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with a versatile, modular vector toolkit. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 99(8): 3491-3503.
• Lauersen, K. J., Vanderveer, T. L., Berger, H., Kaluza, I., Mussgnug, J. H., Walker, V. K., and O. Kruse. 2013. Ice recrystallization inhibition mediated by a nuclear-expressed and secreted recombinant ice binding protein in the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97 (22): 9763-9772.
• Lauersen, K. J., Berger, H., Mussgnug, J. H., and O. Kruse. 2012. Efficient recombinant protein production and secretion from nuclear transgenes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Journal of Biotechnology 167 (2): 101-110.
• Lauersen, K. J., Brown, A., Middleton, A. J., Davies, P. L., and V. K Walker. 2011. Expression and characterization of an antifreeze protein from the perennial ryegrass, Lolium perenne. Cryobiology 62 (3): 194-201.
• Bogen C, Al-Dilaimi A, Albersmeier A, Wichmann J, Grundmann M, Rupp O, Lauersen KJ, Blifernez-Klassen O, Kalinowski J, Goesmann A: Reconstruction of the lipid metabolism for the microalga Monoraphidium neglectum from its genome sequence reveals characteristics suitable for biofuel production. BMC Genomics 2013, 14(926): doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-926.

Patent Application
• Lauersen, K.J., Mussgnug, J.H., and O. Kruse. Expression vector for a secretion and detection system. European Patent Application No. EP12005108.1. Filing date: July 10, 2012.

Specialist Courses
• Whole Cell Biocatalysis and Separation Technologies. Bioengineering process design and heuristics. CLIB-GC Laboratory course. Technical University, Dortmund, Germany. September 25-27, 2012.
• Introduction to Project- and Innovation-management and Patent Law, Wuppertal, Germany. October 7-9, 2013.

Invited Lectures and Conference Presentations
• European Roadmap for an Algae-Based Industry, Olhão, Portugal. Speaker. Lecture title: Development of advanced genetic tools permits sustainable production of novel high and medium value products from eukaryotic microalgae. April 6-8th, 2016.
• Department of Life Sciences, Institute of Botany, University of Liège, Belgium, invited as a guest speaker by Prof. Dr. Claire Remacle. Lecture title: Catching up with the times: Advanced genetic engineering tools allow novel applications for eukaryotic microalgae. March 7th, 2016.
• Department of Biology I, Plant Science, Ludwig Maximillians Universität, Munich, Germany, invited as a guest speaker by Prof. Dr. Jörg Nickelsen. Lecture title: Development of advanced genetic engineering tools allow novel biotechnological applications of eukaryotic microalgae.
• Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, invited as a Guest Speaker by Prof. Dr. Alison Smith. Lecture title: Biotechnology with Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and the pOptimized vector system. November 6th, 2014.
• International CeBiTec Research Conference: Advances in industrial biotechnology: Prospects and challenges for the development of algal biotechnology, Bielefeld, Germany. Speaker. Lecture title: A synthetic optimized vector system for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. September 21-24th, 2014.
• Institute for Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster. Germany, invited by Prof. Dr. Michael Hippler as Guest Speaker. Lecture title: Development of a systematically optimized platform for biotechnological engineering of the model microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. May 8th, 2014.
• 3rd International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels & Bioproducts. Toronto, Canada. Speaker. Lecture title: Microalgae as bioreactors for high-value recombinant protein production. June 16-19th, 2013.
• The 17th International Pushchino School Conference Of Young Scientists “Biology – The Science Of The XXI Century”. Pushchino, Russia. Speaker. Lecture title: Microalgae as bioreactors for high-value recombinant protein production. April 21-26, 2013. Winner of best lecture at conference prize.
• Cluster of Industrial Biotechnology (CLIB2021) International Conference. Turning Global Opportunities into Local Values. Düsseldorf, Germany. Student Speaker. Lecture title: Efficient recombinant protein production and secretion from nuclear transgenes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. April 17-18, 2013.
• 5th Institute for Genome Research and Systems Biology (IGS) Annual Retreat. Loccum, Germany. Speaker. Lecture title: Microalgae as bioreactors for high-value recombinant protein production. August 30-31, 2012.
• 3rd Cluster of Industrial Biotechnology Graduate School (CLIB-GC) Student Symposium, From Gene to Protein and Beyond, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany. Invited Speaker. Lecture title: Microalgae as bioreactors for high-value recombinant protein production. August 20th, 2012.

Conference Posters
• The 9th Canadian Plant Biotechnology Conference McGill University, Montreal, Canada, May 12-15th, 2014. Poster title: A nuclear-expressed and secreted recombinant plant antifreeze protein from Chlamydomonas cultures.
• The 9th Center for Industrial Biotechnology (CeBiTec) Symposium: Molecular Biotechnology. April 3-4th, 2014. Poster title: A synthetic Optimized Vector System for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
• International CeBiTec Research Conference: Advances in Industrial Biotechnology: Synthetic Pathways and Reaction Cascades, Bielefeld, Germany, September 22-25th, 2013. Poster title: Production and secretion of recombinant proteins from eukaryotic microalgae
• The 7th Center for Industrial Biotechnology (CeBiTec) Symposium: Bio-integrated Organic Synthesis in Industry: Biocatalytic Breakthroughs, Industrial Processes, Emerging Fields, December 17-19th, 2012. Poster title: Microalgae as bioreactors for high value recombinant protein production.
• 9th European Workshop Biotechnology of Microalgae. Nuthetal, Germany, June 4-5th, 2012.
• The 6th Center for Industrial Biotechnology (CeBiTec) Symposium: Genome-Based Microbiology: From -omics Research to Systems and Synthetic Biology. Bielefeld, Germany, July 18-20th, 2011.
• European Science Foundation Bielefeld University CeBiTec Conference; Microorganisms for Bio-fuel Production from Sunlight, September 18-21, 2011. Poster title: Systematic optimization of microalgae cultivation for applications in (bio)-industry.

Scientific Work Experience
TIC and TOC Protein Research Assistant 2008
to Prof. Dr. Kenton Ko, Queen’s University
Molecular genetic strategies to screen for yeast mutant lines via polymerase chain reaction.
Development of in vivo plant models for genetic transformation of transmembrane proteins.

Molecular Control of Plant Development Research Assistant 2007-2008
to Prof. Dr. Sharon Regan, Queen’s University
Incorporated aspects of molecular genetic techniques, theory, and experimental design both independently and within a team.
Managed two distinct and complex projects with separate paid staffs.

Queen’s University Phytotron Research Assistant 2006-2007
to Dale Kristensen, Queen’s University
Training in horticultural maintenance, chemical treatment, and experimental design for plant systems’ biology and evolutionary ecology.

Evolutionary Ecology and Mating Patterns Research Assistant 2006
to Prof. Dr. Chris Eckert, Queen’s University
Large-scale complex projects were completed within tight deadlines while working in harsh desert environments.
Intensive field research in the dune ecotone, focusing on community structure and mating patterns of dune species.

Paleolimnology, P.E.A.R.L. Laboratory Research Assistant 2005
to Prof. Dr. Brian Cumming, Queen’s University
This paleolimnology field research included outdoors trekking, boating, sediment core sample collection and treatment, followed by laboratory analysis.

In the News
• ImpFest 2016 MME group Imperial College London Festival, Community engagement with genetically modified microbes, Microbial Metabolic Engineering (MME) group of Patrik Jones. YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKMubTekw9g
• “Willkommen in der Zukunft.” October 2012. H1 Das Magazin der Universität Bielefeld. Author: Daniel Pirker.
• “Queen’s grad explores the possibilities of algae.” August 2011. Queen’s University Alumni Review. Author: Elamin Abdelmamoud.
• “Kingston man sees big things in algae, Kyle Lauersen heads to Germany.” March 10, 2011. EMC Newspaper, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Author: Mark Bergin.

Events Organized
• 4th CLIB-GC Student Symposium, Patents in Biotechnology Perspectives from Society and Industry, Bielefeld University Centre for Biotechnology. March 11, 2013. Organizing committee.