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1. Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft / Studienfächer / British and American Studies (Anglistik) / Lehrende
North American Literature and Culture, Bielefeld University 
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Summer Semester 2018:

Wed. 14:00 - 15:00

Office: C4 - 222
Post Box: D4 - 246


Curriculum Vitae

(For Complete CV, see wwwhomes.uni-bielefeld.de/mmayar/.)


Oct. 2016 Assistant Professor/wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
(ongoing) North American Literature and Culture, Bielefeld University

SS 2017 Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow
Department of American Studies, Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA

Jan. 2017 Member of the SFB “Practices of Comparison: Ordering and Changing the World,”
Oct. 2017 sub-group INF-Ø-thek-Z, Bielefeld University


Ph.D. History (Summa Cum Laude)

Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), Bielefeld University, Germany

Dissertation Citizens and Rulers of the World: American Children and World Geography at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

awarded the westfälisch-lippische Universitätsgesellschaft Dissertation Prize 2016, Bielefeld University, Germany

Visiting Fellow, History Department, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

M.A. American Studies

Heidelberg Center for American Studies (HCA), University of Heidelberg, Germany

M.A. Thesis An American Breakfast: A Smaller World in the 1890s

B.A. English Language and Literature (Graduated with Distinction)

Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tehran, Iran



2017 Citizens and Rulers of the World: American Children and World Geography Knowledge at the Turn of the Twentieth Century (in preparation).

Chapter in Refereed Edited Volume

2018 “Überleben im Anthropozän: Wege zu einer Definition von ‘Humantarian Disaster Games’”. In Weltmaschine Computerspiel: Mythen und Techniken der Globalisierung im digitalen Spiel. Eds. Eugen Pfister and Tobias Winnerling. Verein zur Studien interkultureller Geschichte: Mandelbaum Verlag, 2018.

2016 “From Tools to Toys: American Dissected Maps and Geographic Knowledge at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” In Knowledge Landscapes North America. Eds. Sabine Sielke, Christian Klöckner, and Simone Knewitz. Heidelberg: Winter, 2016.

Article in Refereed Journal

2018 “Survival as Species Narrative: (Supra-)Referentiality in Humanitarian Crisis Video Games,” 2018 (forthcoming with Loading...).

2018 “Slated Globes as Imperial Palimpsest: School Geography and the U.S. Empire at the Turn of the 20th Century,” (under review).

2018 “The Child in the Archive: Historical Presence, Childhood Studies, and American Studies” (in preparation to be submitted to Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth, Johns Hopkins University Press) (in preparation).

2017 “A Case for Serious Play: Virtual Pacifism and Historical Digital Games” (working title), Frühneuzeitlicher Krieg in Digitalen Spielen, special issue of Zeitschrift des Arbeitskreises Militär und Gesellschaft in der Frühen Neuzeit.

Journal Special Issue (Co-)Editing

2018 editor, “Encounters in the ‘Game-Over Era’: The Americas in Videogames,” fiar: Forum for Inter-American Research (forthcoming).

2017 co-editor with Yaatsil Guevara, “Done with Eurocentrism? Directions, Diversions, and Debates in History and Sociology,” InterDisciplines: Journal of History and Sociology.

Encyclopedia Entries

2016 “Children, Impact of War on.” In SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives. London: Sage Reference, 2016.

2014 “Child Study Association of America.” In Social History of the American Family: An Encyclopedia. London: Sage Reference, 2014.

2014 “Tabula Rasa.” In Social History of the American Family: An Encyclopedia. London: Sage Reference, 2014.


Book reviews in global history, childhood studies, new imperial studies, cultural geography, and historical game studies for Global Media Journal, Ex Historia, International Journal of Localities, die Historische Zeitschrift, U.S. Studies Online, Nineteenth Century Studies Association, and H-Net Empire (for a complete list, see homepage).


Dec. 2017 "Game Studies Research and Teaching: Kickoff Meeting," with Tyll Zybura, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld.

Sept. 2017 “Empires in the ‘Game-Over Era’: Videogames and the Question of Historical Narrative,” panel organized for the 5th European Congress on World and Global History (ENIUGH), Budapest, Hungary.

June/ “Done with Eurocentrism? Directions, Diversions, and Debates in History and
Jul. 2016 Sociology,” 8th BGHS Annual International Conference, Bielefeld University.

Jul. 2015 “Embodied Experience of Transnational Movements: Historical Trajectories and Contemporary Dynamics,” BGHS Workshop Series, Bielefeld University.

Apr./ 6th International PhD Student Workshop Exchange Notre Dame/Bielefeld, Notre
May 2015 Dame University, United States.


Invited Talks

Apr. 2018 "‘Wild West’ or ‘Weird West’: Western Digital Games and the Re-Narration of the U.S. Empire," EBAAS Joint Annual Meeting, London.

Nov. 2017 "The Ultimate Metaphor: Game Studies in/and American Studies," Austrian American Studies Association, Salzburg, Austria.

Nov. 2017 "The Joystick in the Garden: Game Studies in/and American Studies," Contemporary Research Paradigms and Study Projects in English Literary and Cultural Studies (coordinated by Dr. M. Hartner), Bielefeld University, Bielefeld.

Jan. 2017 “‘Home Geography' and the World: Mapping the US Empire in School Primers 1875-1900,” Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen.

Apr. 2014 “From Amoy to Zanesville: Geographical Puzzles and the World,” BGHS Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld.

Apr. 2013 “The New Geography Primer: A Cultural Cartography of the 1890s and the World,” BGHS Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld.

Jun. 2012 “To Grow Up and To Go Far: US Empire and the World,” North American History Colloquium, Erfurt University, Erfurt, Germany.

Apr. 2011 “To Grow Up and Its Participial Adjectives: US Empire in the 1890s,” in 19th and 20th Century Social History Colloquium, Bielefeld University, Bielefeld.

Paper and Poster Presentations (selection)

May 2018 “‘our work is done and now for some fun and play’: Personal Fictions of the World and (Counter)Publics of Childhood,” DGfA 2018, Freie Universität Berlin.

Jul. 2017 “Singular, Homogeneous, and Blank: An Examination of Slated Globes in the US Market at the Turn of the 20th Century,” Conference Past and Peripheral Imaginations of the Global, Amsterdam Centre of Globalisation Studies (ACGS), University of Amsterdam.

Apr. 2017 “Playful but Present: Children and Childhood in Historical Archives,” American Studies Workshop Series, English Department, Amherst College, Massachusetts.

Sept. 2016 “Let’s archive it: Children’s Periodical Press and Politics of Unintentional Archives,” Workshop “Let's historize it! Jugendmedien im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert,” Universität des Saarlandes.

May 2016 “The Child in the Archive: A Question of Historical Agency,” Bielefeld-York-Lund PhD Conference, Bielefeld University.

May 2015 “Turn-of-the-Century Geopolitical Imaginaries of the World: American Dissected Maps and Geopolitical Imperatives of the Rising Empire,” 62nd Annual Convention of the German Association for American Studies, University of Bonn.

Sept. 2014 “At Gamer-Explorer-Cartographer’s Will: Rewriting History and Redoing Cartography in the Strategy Game Age of Empires,” 4th European Congress on World and Global History (ENIUGH), École normale supérieure, Paris, France.

May/ “Geographical Puzzles and Tensional Cartography: Turn-of-the-Century American

June 2014 Children and the Cartography of Impossible,” 6th International Summer Academy “American Studies in a Transatlantic Perspective: Critical Regionalism in Politics and Culture II,” Texas State University, San Marcos.

Apr. 2014 “Our Infant Navy: A Turn-of-the-Century Conversation between American Youths and American Imperialists,” European Association for American Studies 60th Anniversary Conference “America: Justice, Conflict, War,” Leiden University, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Dec. 2013 “Domestication of Play, Globalization of Playthings: Geography Games and World Cartography in Turn-of-the-Century United States,” Post-Graduate British Association for American Studies/Irish Association for American Studies 2013 Conference “Homeward Bound’: Nation, Belonging and the American Home,” Nottingham University, United Kingdom.

May/ “Acts of Global Cartography: Geography Primers and Children’s Letters,” 5th
June 2013 International Summer Academy “American Studies in a Transatlantic Perspective: Critical Regionalism in Politics and Culture I,” America House, Munich, Germany.

Apr. 2013 “Privileged Subalternity: Voice Quality of the Fin-de-Siècle American Child,” 2013 Annual Meeting of California American Studies Association, San Diego State University, San Diego.

Sept. 2012 “To Grow Up and To Go Far: American Empire and the 1890s,” Bosch Foundation Archival Seminar for Young Historians 2012 “American History in Transatlantic Perspective,” University of Chicago, Chicago.

May 2012 “Growing Up Imperial: 1890s USA and the World,” 4th International Summer Academy “Democratic Cultures, Past and Present: Perspectives from Washington, D.C.,” American University, Washington, D.C.

Mar. 2012 “Playing Empire: Where does Empire Stand in The Age of Empires,” English Graduate Organization Interdisciplinary Conference “Forces at Play: Bodies, Power, and Spaces,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

May 2011 “Huckleberry Finn in Baghdad: Views on Empire and Distance,” “Locality and Transnational Processes: Modalities of Entanglement,” Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University, Bielefeld (poster presentation).


2016 → German Association for American Studies (DGfA)
2014 → American Studies Association (ASA)
2014 → Center for InterAmerican Studies (CIAS)
2014 → European Network in Universal and Global History (ENIUGH)

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

- Transnational American Studies
- US Empire
- Cultural Studies of the US
- American Childhoods
- 19th-Century American History
- Game Studies
- Cultural Geography
- Visual Culture and Media