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1. Fakultät für Soziologie / Personen / Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterInnen
Akademische Oberrätin im Bereich Transnationale Beziehungen, Entwicklungs- und Migrationssoziologie (Prof. Faist)  
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2. Fakultät für Soziologie / Arbeitsbereiche / Arbeitsbereich 6 - Transnationalisierung und Entwicklung
Akademische Oberrätin im Bereich Transnationale Beziehungen, Entwicklungs- und Migrationssoziologie (Prof. Faist) 
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Curriculum Vitae

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology at Bielefeld University and member of the Research Group on Transnationalization, Migration and Development. My research concerns the fields of migration, mobilities and transnational connections and their implications for the processes of inclusion and exclusion, the concept of citizenship and social and labour rights. I am interested in the ways in which transnational mobilities are regulated and governed and in the practices, contestations and struggles responding to, challenging or supporting these. My research is guided by an interest in urban and spatial dynamics and transformations and a concern for the production and reproduction of social inequalities and hierarchies between people and places.

Aktuelle Forschungsthemen

My research concerns transnational mobilities and in- and exclusions. I currently follow these interests along the following lines:

  • Migration, citizenship and borders
  • Transnational connections: development, social change and the reproduction of inequalities
  • Mobility and work in the global world

The first line of research emerges from my investigation of migrant organisations’ accommodation in cities across Europe and the role of multiple governance arrangements on various scales plays for them. This research has been published as a monograph entitled Migrants and Cities (Routledge 2012). In the last years, I have further developed this perspective, especially along the concepts of urban and transnational citizenship and their interlinkages. In this line, my current research investigates the lifestyle mobilities of privileged emigrants in order to help understand the role of citizenship in the context of uneven geographies. In addition, more recently this interest in citizenship and inclusion has led me to more closely engage with the often neglected perspective on (urban) exclusion and the emergent role of the city in border control.

My second line of research investigates the interconnections between migration and transnational practices and the implications these have for people and places of immigration, emigration and in-between. Part of this interest comes out of my involvement with the “Transnationalization and Inequalities” project within the Collaborative Research Centre 882. I am also an associated member of the research team in the project Recasting Migrants’ Voices based at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj. In addition, I am member of a network on transnational mobilities and development through which I follow my interest in the emergence of new trans-urban connectivities, a theme developed in the Special Issue of Population, Space and Place (22, 2016) Migrants' transnationality, societal transformations and locality that I co-edited together with Dr Gery Nijenhuis (IDS, Utrecht University).

The third line of my research deals with mobility and work and in particular labour rights activism by trade unions, social movements, migrant organizations and mobilization, relating to my interest in citizenship and participation as well as in space, flows and place. Here I am specifically interested in the challenges that come out of cross-border mobility of workers that often constitute specifically vulnerable groups at the intersection of origin, legal status, qualification, ethnicity and gender. In this field I am now starting a new student research project on “Transnational labour mobility and labour rights in Europe” as a first step for new research in this area.