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[Studierende Physik] Einladung zum Physikalischen Kolloquium 07.04.2014 ( 07.04.14 )
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Dr. Adam Deller, ASTRON, NL

Zooming in on feedback with high resolution radio observations

07.04.2014, 16:15, Hoersaal 6

Whilst it is now well-established that energetic feedback processes play an essential role in sculpting modern galaxies, the relative importance of different feedback sources remains uncertain. Accretion onto supermassive black holes (AGN) forms one source of feedback, and intense formation of massive stars (starbursts) another. Identifying the relative abundance and impact of these feedback sources, using multiwavelength surveys of a large number of galaxies across cosmic time, is a crucial step to understanding the evolutionary history of the Universe. Radio observations have the particular advantage of being virtually unaffected by absorption, but are typically conducted at moderate angular resolution, making it difficult to separate starburst emission from AGN emission. Very high angular resolution radio observations can be used as a reliable AGN identification tool, but have historically been too costly to apply to surveys. In this talk, I will discuss some new techniques which enable high-resolution surveying in the radio, and present the results of a survey which has, for the first time, detected thousands of radio AGN. I will conclude by discussing the major leap in capabilities which will be provided by the upcoming Square Kilometre Array.

Viele Gruesse,

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