Dorm dictionary as app

Published on 29. März 2012
Free programme for iPhones and Android smartphones

The illustrated trilingual dorm dictionary is now available as an app. Students attending the ‘Vorsicht Mobile Marketing!‘ course at Bielefeld University have developed a digital version of the dictionary for smartphones and tablets. Called ‘idormdict‘ (International Dorm Dictionary for students), the programme is designed to help international students find their way through daily dorm life – just like the printed version that has been distributed to more than 60,000 students in several regional and one transregional editions. The new app runs on iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets such as iPads. You can now download this short programme free of charge from the Internet under www.idormdict.de [Weiterlesen]
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International Conference on Group Theory

Published on 13. März 2012
Bielefeld University honours Professor Bernd Fischer's 75th birthday

Today (12 March), Bielefeld University is welcoming 180 mathematicians from 15 different countries to the 'Groups 2012' conference. They have been invited by the Bielefeld Collaborative Research Centre 701 'Spectral Structures and Topological Methods in Mathematics' and the Faculty of Mathematics to honour the 75th birthday of Professor em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernd Fischer, one of the first and most distinguished professors at the Faculty. Until Friday (16th March), the participants will be discussing the use of groups in different parts of mathematics and presenting the latest developments on the structure theory of groups. The conference is being held in English.[Weiterlesen]
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Fertilization by invasive species threatens nutrient-poor ecosystems

Published on 13. März 2012

Biologists at Bielefeld University have developed a new method for quantifying the effect of non-native species on ecosystem functioning

Invasive species are prolific non-native plants or animals that, when introduced to an ecosystem, may imbalance the system and disrupt its natural functioning. Biologists at Bielefeld University in the team of Junior Professor Dr. Christiane Werner in cooperation with the University of Lisbon have developed non-invasive method for quantifying the spatial impact of such exotic species on the ecosystems which they invade. They can estimate whether native plants in the neighbourhood of invasive species incorporate the nitrogen fixed by the latter. The biologists examined the Sydney Golden Wattle (Acacia longifolia), an Australian shrub that has established itself in Mediterranean climates worldwide. They found that the invasive species threatens native ecosystems not only through its prolific growth but also by fertilizing the surrounding soil with nitrogen – this effect markedly extended beyond the area occupied by the invader. This innovative method (called 15N isoscapes) is being published today (13 March) in the renowned journal "Ecology Letters".[Weiterlesen]
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More spiritual than religious

Published on 6. März 2012

Researchers at Bielefeld University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga release the initial results of an online surve

'I am more spiritual than religious' - half of the respondents agreed with this statement, regardless of whether they belonged to a church or not. This is one of the findings from an intercultural study by Bielefeld University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA. The research project aims to explain what people understand by the terms spirituality and religiosity, how this understanding relates to their personality and biography, and what it means for their lives. The project is running until the end of 2012. One part of the project is an online survey of a total of 1,886 participants in Germany and the USA. Initial analyses of this survey are now available, and one finding has surprised the researchers: an amazingly large number of people who do not belong to a religious community, including many who see themselves as atheists, describe themselves as spiritual.

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Every third 15-year-old has several experiences of being completely drunk

Published on 2. März 2012
Bielefeld research team studies the health behaviour of youth in North Rhine-Westphalia

According to a new study, every third boy and every fourth girl living in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia says that they have already been drunk at least twice by the age of 15. The study 'Health Behaviour in School-aged Children" (HBSC) is being run by a research team at Bielefeld University headed by Professor Dr. Petra Kolip from the Faculty of Health Sciences.[Weiterlesen]
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