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Healthy aging: New EU project on the human liver

Published 7. September 2017
Bielefeld University to coordinate programme with partners from nine countries

Der Physiker Prof. Dr. Thomas Huser koordiniert das Programm „DeLIVER“. Foto: Universität Bielefeld
At roughly 3.7 million Euros, the European Commission has now confirmed funding for a new programme in physics and biomedicine. Fourteen young scientists will be studying healthy aging under the microscope: They will be developing new optical procedures to study the liver with high-resolution microscopy. The goal is to find out how medical drugs affect the liver and how the organ changes with advancing age. The project DeLIVER, coordinated by Bielefeld University, will start in January 2018. This is now the seventh Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (European training network for young academics) at Bielefeld University.[Weiterlesen]
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Bielefeld University popular with international researchers

Published 4. September 2017
Twelfth place in the Humboldt Rankings

Bielefeld University holds a leading position in the ‘2017 Humboldt Rankings’. In the full ranking, it is now twelfth among the 79 universities rated. In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, this now puts it in third place behind the University of Bonn and RWTH Aachen University.[Weiterlesen]
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Start of ‘Lehrkräfte Plus’: New perspectives for refugee teachers

Published 31. August 2017
Bielefeld University and the Bertelsmann Foundation offer the first ever programme of its kind in NRW

Twenty-five trained teachers who had to flee from their home countries have started the ‘Lehrkräfte Plus’ programme at Bielefeld University. Over the coming 12 months, 8 women and 17 men from Afghanistan, Armenia, Guinea, Iraq, Pakistan, and Syria will be gaining further qualifications that will potentially qualify them to work in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). ‘Lehrkräfte Plus’ is a joint training programme at Bielefeld University in cooperation with the NRW Ministry of Education and Training and the State Coordination Office for Local Integration Centres in NRW. A further partner in the first ever programme of its kind in the federal state is the Bertelsmann Foundation.[Weiterlesen]
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Study on religious development continues

Published 9. August 2017
New funding for project run by Bielefeld University and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Prof. Dr. Heinz Streib

With new funding, the psychology of religion teams at Bielefeld University (Germany) and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (USA) are able to expand and deepen their research on religious development over the life-span. The researchers working with Heinz Streib at Bielefeld University and Ralph W. Hood at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will therefore be able to expand their sample and extend their longitudinal investigation. The John Templeton Foundation  is providing 1.25 million Euro in funding for the new project phase as of 2018.[Weiterlesen]
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Towards environmentally friendly production of active pharmaceutical ingredients with a flow reactor

Published 7. August 2017
Chemists at Bielefeld University working on new production methods

Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger arbeitet in „ONE-FLOW“ an einem Herstellungsverfahren für chemische Substanzen durch Kombination von Bio- und Chemokatalyse in Flow-Reaktoren. Die chemi-schen Reaktionen werden zum Beispiel in Kassetten mit Strömungsrohren (Bild) durchgeführt.

Mostly, the chemical industry still follows very extensive procedures when producing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other complex substances. Often, each intermediate has to be produced in a separate fashion within large reactor vessels. Chemists at Bielefeld University are working on an alternative together with international project partners: the flow method. This combines the production stages and proceeds in microreactors in which the desired substance can be produced without intermediate isolations. The European Union’s research programme is funding the project ‘ONE-FLOW’ with a total of four million Euros. Bielefeld University has now succeeded in gaining a scientist from the renowned Keio University (Japan) for the project. Dr. Yasunobu Yamashita has started his work on the project at the beginning of August.[Weiterlesen]
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DAAD award goes to Kiara Fiorella Abad Bruzzo from Peru

Published 4. August 2017
Outstanding academic achievements and social commitment

Laudatorin Dr. Annett Jorschick, Preisträgerin Kiara Fiorella Abad Bruzzo und Prorektorin Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple (v.l.) bei der Preisverleihung des DAAD- Preises. Foto: Universität Bielefeld
The presenter Dr. Annett Jorschick, the award winner Fiorella Abad Bruzzo, and Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Angelika Epple (from left) at the DAAD award ceremony. Photo: Bielefeld University
Bielefeld University has given Kiara Fiorella Abad Bruzzo the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) award. Professor Dr. Angelika Epple, Bielefeld University’s Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Diversity, presented the award. Worth 1,000 Euro, it is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. It honours international students who stand out through their exceptional academic achievements and their remarkable social, cultural, or political commitment.

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Leaf beetles: Even a tiny dose of pesticide will impair reproduction

Published 31. Juli 2017
Biologists at Bielefeld University reveal effects of using chemicals

The number of insects in Germany is declining rapidly – in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia alone, it has dropped by three-quarters within only 25 years. In a new study, biologists at Bielefeld University show the effects of pesticides and how even slight traces lead to long-term damage to beetles. One finding is that leaf beetles lay roughly 35 per cent fewer eggs after coming into contact with traces of a frequently used pesticide – a pyrethroid. The researchers also showed that female offspring develop malformations through the poison. The biologists have published their study in the journal ‘Environmental Pollution’.[Weiterlesen]
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How a robot is teaching language to preschool children

Published 26. Juli 2017
Team at Cluster of Excellence CITEC present progress made on EU project

Researchers at Bielefeld University’s Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) are investigating what a robot needs to be able to do to teach a second language to preschool children. Since 2016, they have been researching whether and how social robots are suitable for teaching language. This research is part of the international project L2TOR, which is funded as part of the European Commission’s Horizont 2020 research program. A preliminary finding, according to the researchers: robots can motivate children to learn, and help them retain more vocabulary. On 13 July 2017, the Bielefeld project team demonstrated how the robot supports preschool kids in their learning.[Weiterlesen]
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Bielefeld University Staff News

Published 13. Juli 2017
Personalien BP
  • Chancellor Dr. Stephan Becker appointed to the board of the Digital University NRW
  • Professor Dr. Helge Ritter joins Senate of the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • Professor Dr. Michael Röckner receives honorary doctorate
  • Interim Professor Dr. Fabian Wendt awarded Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy
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Another Two Turkish Academics Find Refuge at Bielefeld University

Published 12. Juli 2017
Vice-Rector Epple: “Building bridges for colleagues in need”

Bielefeld University takes in another two refugee academics from Turkey. Funding is secured via the Philipp Schwartz Initiative, which provides universities and research facilities in Germany with the means to host threatened researchers with a full scholarship for a period of 24 months. This brings the total number of fellows hosted at Bielefeld University to four. The first two fellowships were awarded back in December 2016.[Weiterlesen]
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