Five Guest Researchers at the BGHS

Veröffentlicht am 22. März 2017

In the upcoming summer term, we welcome three Guest Lecturers and two Guest Researchers at the BGHS.

Nils Brunsson (Uppsala Universitet, Sweden)
Sarah Colvin
(University of Cambridge, England)
Alan Lessof (Illinois State University, USA)
Rosamond McKitterick
(University of Cambridge, England)
Thien-Huong Ninh
(California State University, Sacramento, USA)

Guest Lecturers

Professor Sarah Colvin and Professor Rosamond McKitterick come to Bielefeld from the University of Cambridge.
Professor Colvin is director of the Department of German and Dutch at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages. She is going to be a guest at the BGHS from 29 to 31 May. During this time she is holding a seminar on Narratives and/of exclusion (EkVV).

Professor McKitterick teaches Medieval History and is the Director of Research at the Faculty of History at Cambridge. She is going to hold a seminar entitled The uses and communication of the past in late antiquity and the middle ages on 8 and 9 June (EkVV).

On 1 and 2 June we welcome Professor Nils Brunsson from the University of Uppsala. He teaches at the Department of Business Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and offers a seminar on Organizing Organizations (EkVV).

Guest Researchers

In addition to the Guest Lecturers, we are looking forward to welcome two guests from the US as Guest Researchers.
Professor Alan Lessoff, a historian from Illinois State University, is going to be in Bielefeld from 26 June to 17 July. During his four-week stay, he is going to give a seminar entitled Public and Local History: Methods, Concepts, and Issues on 28 and 29 June (EkVV).

We also welcome Thien-Huong Ninh, Ph.D. from California State University, Sacramento from 19 May to 15 June. Thien-Huong Ninh teaches in the Department of Sociology at the College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies. During her stay at the BGHS, she will be offering a seminar on Religions, Refugees, and Relocation (EkVV).

An overview of the current and past Guest Lecturers and Guest Researchers of the BGHS can be found at:
Further information about the programme and events of the BGHS in the summer term 2017 can be found at the BGHS study programme and the BGHS-Calendar.

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New Doctoral Representatives

Veröffentlicht am 22. März 2017

The new Doctoral Representatives (from left to right): Marcus Carrier, Daniel Emmelius, Torben Möbius, Susanne Richter, Carolin Stummeier, Christopher Dorn Photo by Thomas Abel

The new doctoral representatives started their work at the BGHS. The representatives for »Doctoral Programme« are Marcus Carrier (History) and Carolin Stummeier (Sociology). The representatives for »Internationals« are Christopher Dorn (Sociology) and Daniel Emmelius (History). Susanne Richter (Sociology) and Torben Möbius (History) are elected representatives for »Social and Cultural Affairs«. The office term of the new elected doctoral representatives is one year.

Doctoral representatives at the BGHS

Doctoral representatives at the BGHS are there for the concerns of the doctoral researchers. Since the BGHS lays a great emphasis on its members' participation, the doctoral researchers choose their representatives among themselves. These are in complete six doctoral researchers, one in history and one in sociology for the "Doctoral Programme". In addition, there are two representatives for "Internationals" and "Social and Cultural Affairs".
The doctoral representatives for the "Doctoral Programme" are the main contact persons for all doctoral researchers of the BGHS. They represent the interests of the doctoral researchers, attend the meetings of the Executive Board, participate in the selection of fellows, mediate conflicts etc.
The doctoral representatives for the "Internationals" are contact persons for international doctoral researchers and fellows. They promote the specific interests of international doctoral researchers and accompany and advise the newcomers, as well facilitate their entry into university life in Bielefeld.
The doctoral representatives in the field of "Social and Cultural Affairs" are contact persons for social and cultural events at BGHS. Their task is to bring the BGHS members together, to plan joint activities, to perform and help shape the social and cultural life at the BGHS.

For further information on the representation of interests at the BGHS and the Guidelines of Representation, please see:

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Shortcuts-Programme 2016 concluded

Veröffentlicht am 8. März 2017

Shortcuts 2016: Rebecca Knecht, Anne Stöcker, Sahra Rausch, Stefanie Haupt, Anastasia Remes, and Marion Stopfinger (left to right). Not shown in the photo: Indra Bock, Sandra Holtgreve, and Theres Waldbauer Photo by Thomas Abel

Nine junior researchers from across Germany – Indra Bock, Sandra Holtgreve, Anne Stöcker, and Theres Waldbauer, and Shortcuts scholarship holders Stefanie Haupt, Rebecca Knecht, Sahra Rausch, Anastasia Remes, and Marion Stopfinger – took part in the Shortcuts-Programme at the BGHS in the winter semester 2016/17. The goal of the Shortcuts-Programme is to actively support female junior researchers – graduates in history and the social sciences – during the transition from successfully completing a master's degree to beginning a doctorate.

Important components of the programme include the Shortcuts-Colloquia in which project outlines are discussed and developed further. Multi-day writing workshops with a writing trainer as well as information sessions on the status of doctoral researchers and workshops on applying for academic positions and financing doctorates are helpful as well.

Opinions on the Shortcuts-Programme 2016

Anastasia Remes, who is planning a doctoral project on How the EU Institutions showed Europe to the World. Representations of European History and Culture in European Pavilions at World Expos emphasises: 'In the colloquia, I had multiple opportunities to present and discuss my exposé and especially my research question and methodology. The programme's strong emphasis on soft skills was also important to me. For example, we learned to give and accept feedback.'

The participants in the Shortcuts-Programme also interacted regularly in the form of peer coaching and met with doctoral researchers at the BGHS. Stefanie Haupt underlines the support coming from various sides. She would like to write her dissertation on A historical approach to the völkisch origins of Archaeoastronomy in Germany and considers the opportunities to do so at the BGHS to be very good: 'I received time and professional input to develop a clear idea about the relative importance of the doctorate in my life, to think through my dissertation project, and to flesh it out in an exposé. I also met terrific, strong women and found them to be appreciative and supportive, which enabled me to discuss my ideas and thoughts.' Stefanie, a historian, is now considering applying to the BGHS. She feels well-prepared by the Shortcuts-Programme: 'Besides the financial support, I found the professional input special. I was inspired by the diversity of what was offered and I would like to try some things, such as peer coaching, in other areas of life as well.'

Rebecca Knecht, who is working on The construction of belonging through communications on sexuality and relationships in housing projects for minor refugees, also decided to pursue a doctorate. 'Exchange with others has helped me to make concrete what exactly about my topic interests me and to transform the original idea into a project. It became clear to me what it means to get a doctorate and that I want to continue to pursue this path.'

The Shortcuts scholars had places to work while they were at the BGHS, enabling them to write their exposés in quiet surroundings. The project descriptions were completed after four months of intensive work.

Looking back on her time at the BGHS, Anastasia Remes says: 'The Shortcuts Programme enabled me to work full-time on elaborating my planned research project and to improve my exposé both in form and in substance.' And Stefanie Haupt adds, 'Thanks to the workshop programme, I now feel thoroughly coached from A to Z and well-prepared for the journey of the doctorate – perhaps even in Bielefeld.'

More information on the Shortcuts-Programme at the BGHS:

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Exhibition Opening Art&Science

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2017

Visualising Research – Exhibition Opening

Exhibition Opening at the BGHS. Photo by Sarah Michallek

On 8 February 2017 the exhibition Visualising Research was opened at the BGHS.

Doctoral researchers and faculty members joined the exhibition opening as well as the participants of the Arts&Science-Project

Prof. Dr. Ursula Mense-Petermann, the director of the BGHS, welcomed all guests and the organizers of the Art&Science-Project, Thomas Abel (BGHS) and Prof. Nils Hoff (FH Bielefeld), gave a brief introduction.

Prof. Nils Hoff presenting the projects. Photo by Sarah Michallek


After the introduction the guests had the opportunity for a closer look at the presented works.

Exhibition at the BGHS. Photo by Sarah Michallek

Exhibition at the BGHS. Photo by Sarah Michallek

Carla Thiele (BGHS) is answering questions about her work. Photo by Sarah Michallek


The exhibition Visualising Researchis will be presented at the BGHS until the end of April.

The exhibition in miniature. Photo by Sarah Michallek

For further information please see:

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Best Dissertation projects 2016

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2017

Mahshid Mayar (back row, 5th from right) und Dr. Ole Pütz (2nd from right) with other young researchers and the prize committee.
Photo by Stefan Sättele


On Wednesday (February 15th) 13 young scholars were honored by the Universitätsgesellschaft Bielefeld (UgBi) [University Society] for the best dissertation projects 2016 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld University.

Among them are two Alumni of the BGHS: Mahshid Mayar (History Department, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology) and Dr. Ole Pütz (Faculty of Sociology).

Mahshid Mayar has published a dissertation entitled Citizens and Rulers of the World: American Children and World Geography at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. The dissertation by Dr. Ole Pütz is entitled: Strategic Planning in Meetings: Anti-Nuclear Groups between Consensus and Conflict.

The BGHS cordially congratulates both BGHS Alumni.

For more information about the Alumni BGHS see:

Alumi-Profile Mahshid Mayar

Alumi-Profile Ole Pütz

For a detailed report on the doctoral thesis awards in 2016, see: uni.aktuell

For further information about the more than 100 Alumni of the BGHS and their disseration projects see:

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InterDisciplines: Issue 1/2016

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2017

The new issue of our e-Journal InterDisciplines (Vol 7, No 1 (2016)), entitled “Race, Gender, and Questions of Belonging” is available online. The guest editors of the current issue are Bettina Brockmeyer und Levke Harders (Bielefeld University). The four contributions and the introduction of the issue discuss different aspects of belonging in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially in close association with the categories of race and gender.
‘Belonging’ is understood as a relational and socially constructed category that is based on categories of difference that can be altered historically and is suitable as a historical and sociological analysis tool for researching exclusions and inclusions.

Table of Contents


On this issue’s cover photo

The cover of this issue’s InterDisciplines shows the british medal „King’s Medal for Native Chiefs“- and displays two sides of a medal. On its front we see the profile of the British King George V wearing his insignia of power; on its back, two ships, a warship and behind it a smaller cargo vessel. The King’s Medal for Native Chiefs is a symbol of inclusion and exclusion at the same time. As a reward it made the colonial subjects »belong« to the empire. The iconography, however, is exclusive. »Africa« is depicted only by nature, while Great Britain is represented by a (powerful) person as well as by symbols of technological and economic strength.

InterDisciplines: Aims & Scope

InterDisciplines - Journal of History and Sociology of the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS) is dedicated to work at the interface between history and the social sciences and to research that discusses their relationship. The journal’s aim is to identify differences as well as the relation and interconnections between the two disciplines, with a focus on areas where they can complement each other with respect to specific research problems.

InterDisciplines addresses first and foremost historians and sociologists but also aims to appeal to a wider audience of interested scientists, doctoral researchers and students who are committed to interdisciplinary debate and exchange.

InterDisciplines publishes historical case studies that discuss theoretical issues from the humanities, and the social and cultural sciences. It presents survey articles on the whole range of historical and sociological research and programmatic texts on basic questions on the interdisciplinary cooperation between history and sociology.

InterDisciplines appears generally twice a year, addresses an international audience and is published in English. The e-Journal is available online free of charge in order both to offer easy access to its readers and to open to its authors a wider readership. All submissions are blind refereed, generally by two peers.

Further Information

For detailed information about the current issue of InterDisciplines and its articles and about previous issues since 2010 please visit:

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Discussion with BGHS Alumni

Veröffentlicht am 10. Februar 2017

The BGHS-Alumni Andrés Cardona and Rory Tews with Melanie Eulitz (from left to right). Photo by Thomas Abel


On 23 January 2017 the second event within the BGHS series Meet the Alumni took place in the BGHS-Lounge. Two BGHS alumni – Andrés Cardona and Rory Tews – shared their experiences with BGHS doctoral researchers and talked about their career paths after having completed their dissertations.

Andrés Cardona and Rory Tews talked about their careers. Photo by Thomas Abel


Andrés Cardona has become as a self-employed expert for networking in Berlin. His professional work is strongly linked with his dissertation Social Closure in Markets, Families and Networks, in which he focused on network analysis. His company helps consultants and organizations with different tools of network analysis to understand and manage the complexity of social relationships in communities, organizations and markets. One of his clients is the start-up company Roots of Impact, whose goal is to make impact investing and development financing more effective.

Roots of Impact joins the two alumni: Rory Tews is working as a programme manager for the company and is responsible for advising social enterprises. So his expertise is also directly connected with his dissertation project about Social entrepreneurship in Germany.

Career bridges

During the discussion, both guests talked about their working days between office work and traveling. They pointed out that while working on their dissertations, both of them have already thought about later work activities and planned first steps for their careers. Rory Tews highlighted, that the career brigde programme of the BGHS had been very helpful for him to start his career at Roots of Impact.

The series Meet the Alumni will be continued in summer term 2017. Further information on the more than 100 alumni of the BGHS can be found on the BGHS website:

Further information

The guests of the event Meet the Alumni and the titles of their dissertation projects:
  • Andrés Cardona: Social Closure in Markets, Families, and Networks. Explaining the emergence of Intergroup Inequality as a Result of Exclusionary Action across Contexts (Alumni-Profile)

  • Rory Tews: Social entrepreneurship in Germany: A Bourdieuan Perspective (Alumni-Profile)


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Exhibition Opening

Veröffentlicht am 1. Februar 2017

All members of the BGHS and all people who are interested are cordially invited to the exhbition opening of the second Art&Science-Project Visualising Research - by the BGHS in cooperation with the Design Department at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

Date: 8 February 2017, 3pm, BGHS (X-B2)

The goal of the Art&Science project is to bring science and art into a transdisciplinary dialogue in order to open up new avenues for science communication.

For further information, please see:

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BGHS around the world

Veröffentlicht am 18. Januar 2017

Exchange and information on BGHS Mobility Grants. Photo by Thomas Abel



BGHS around the world - Exchange and Information on Mobility Grants

A round table for the mobility grants programmes of the BGHS took place on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 in the BGHS-Lounge. Doctoral researchers of the BGHS who stayed at universities and research institutions in Belgium, Denmark, England, France and Sweden shared their experiences from abroad.
Moreover, they gave valuable tips and pieces of advice for applying for the BGHS Mobility Grants.

For further information about the BGHS-mobility grants and the BGHS mobility programme, please see:
You can find a short report with information about the 2016 Desk Exchange Lund-Bielefeld at BGHS.NEWS.

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Announcement: Meet the Alumni

Veröffentlicht am 5. Januar 2017


The BGHS invites all its doctoral researchers and everyone interested to meet two alumni of the BGHS on the second Alumni-Evening with

Dr. Andrés Cardona (Roots of Impact)
Dr. Rory Tews (Roots of Impact)

The alumni of the BGHS will present their work in the company Roots of Impact, an advisory firm and market builder for impact investing and development finance. In an informal talk they will share their career experiences and provide valuable tips for going on after the PhD. Furthermore Dr. Rory Tews will give insights in his experience with the Career Bridge fellowship of the BGHS.

Date: Monday, 23 January 2016, 5 pm, BGHS-Lounge (X-B2-109)

For further information about the BGHS alumni please see:
For current media coverage of the BGHS Alumni Work please see: Alumni-Arbeit allerorts (Interview with Melanie Eulitz (Academic Coordinator) in Nachschlag Volume 02/2016, p.6)

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CfP Annual Seminar 2017

Veröffentlicht am 14. Dezember 2016

Call for Papers and Posters:
Grappling with the Global: The Challenge of Boundaries in History and Sociology

9th Annual Seminar of the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS), 13  July to 15 July 2017, Bielefeld University, Germany

The interdisciplinary conference Grappling with the Global: The Challenge of Boundaries in History and Sociology will offer a platform for discussions on 'the global'. One aspect will be the question, how the analytical category of the nation-state is overcome in historians and sociologists research and how 'the global' can be dealt with in the context of practical research. The Annual Seminar therefore offers the opportunity to discuss aspects of conceptual and methodological as well as empirical challenges of 'the global'.

Further information and details about the Annual Seminars Topic can be found in the Call for Papers. The conference language is English.
Researchers across a range of disciplines and stages of their careers who are interested in giving paper presentations at the Annual Seminar should submit an abstract of no more than 250 words along with a two-page CV to the conference organisers at: The deadline for proposals is 29 January 2017.

Weitere Infos unter:

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Plenary Meeting and Winter Party

Veröffentlicht am 8. Dezember 2016

On the occasion of the end of the year the BGHS cordially invites all its members to the BGHS Plenary Meeting. It takes place on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, from 5 to 6pm in the BGHS seminar room (X B2 103).

In addition, the BGHS cordially invites all its members to the BGHS Winter Party on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, at 6 pm in in the BGHS seminar room (X B2 103) and the BGHS Lounge (X B2 109). Drinks will be available against minimal consumption charges. Everybody is welcome to bring some snacks for the buffet.

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Exhibition Visualising Research

Veröffentlicht am 4. Dezember 2016

Within the 9. Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation (Conference for Science Communication) the BGHS presents its second Art&Science-Project Visualising Research in cooperation with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences.

The main goal of the project is to bring Art and Science in a transdisciplinary dialogue, to open up new ways of science communication. The visualizations show how research can be transferred into art projects and how these visualizations "offer the opportunity to intensify and encourage the dialogue between science and the interested public" say Thomas Abel (Coordinator for Science Communication at the BGHS) and Prof. Nils Hoff (Professor for Graphic Design and Illustration at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences), who organised and managed the project.

Most important was the dialogue between the doctoral researchers of the BGHS and the BA/MA students of the design department at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. They worked together in seven project teams. In the first step the doctoral researchers presented their dissertation projects to the artists. In the second step the artists interpreted the the projects with illustrations.
The transdisciplinary work not only offered the participants an opportunity to start into an interesting dialogue but also opened up new perspectives. According to Prof. Nils Hoff the project shows further potential for future cooperations: “A promising start is made”.

The Project Teams

  • Olga Dostovalova (BGHS); Sabrina Brose (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Freiwilligenarbeit zwischen Tradition und Erneuerung. Eine empirische Studie zum freiwilligen Engagement der neuen Ehrenamtlichen [Voluntary work between tradition and renewal]

  • Rodrigo Marttie (BGHS); Michael Budde (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Where is the Devil? – Early Medieval Representations of the Evil One

  • Julia Meinert (BGHS); Katharina Rothenpieler (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Kinder und Jugenddelinquenz. Heterogenitäten und Pfadabhängigkeiten im Lebensverlauf [Heterogeneities and path dependencies in the life-course]

  • Carla Thiele (BGHS) & Kathrin Potschka (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Migrantin sein – eine biographieanalytische Studie ezidischer Frauen in Deutschland [Being a migrant – an empirical study about Yezidi women in Germany]

  • Julia-Nadine Warrelmann (BGHS); Ronja Kaufmann (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Women's Rights Violations in Human Rights Monitoring Instruments: A Comparison of transnational ›Governance by Indocators‹

  • Dorothee Wilm (BGHS); Daniel Bergen (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): Communicative Constructivism and Economic Theory

  • Nicole Zielke (BGHS); Solveig Lawitzke, Sonja Mense (Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences): »Was vom Leben übrig bleibt« – Der wohnraumbezogene Übergang ins Seniorenheim [Transition processes to retirement homes – Old people and their home furnishings]

For further information about the Art&Science-Project Visualising Research please see:
The Art&Science-Project will be presented at the BGHS and the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld in 2017.

Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation

The Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation is the biggest conference for science communication in Germany. Since 2008 it gives an overview about current trends and strategies in science communication. For this years conference programme (in German) please see:

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Meet the Shortcuts 2016

Veröffentlicht am 1. Dezember 2016

Lively discussions at Meet the Shortcuts 2016 Photo by Thomas Abel

On Wednesday, 30 November 2016, this year’s Shortcuts-Scholars displayed their projects. The nine participants of the Shortcuts-Programme presented posters of their research projects from the disciplines of history, political science and sociology.
Between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. the posters were exhibited at the BGHS seminar room (X-B2-103). Professors, doctoral researchers and others took the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the Shortcuts-Scholars about their future dissertation projects. The event offered a platform for the exchange of ideas in diverse topics of history, political science and sociology.

The Shortcuts-Programme qualifies young women researchers to prepare for their doctoral studies in a four-month programme.

The Research Projects of the Shortcut-Scholars 2016

  • Indra Bock (Sociology): Studies at the borders of the social world. A multimodal analysis of the communicative practices between humans and dogs.

  • Stefanie Haupt (History): A historical approach to the völkisch origins of Archaeoastronomy in Germany.

  • Sandra Holtgreve (Sociology): Student´s perceptions of global learning from Germany and Ecuador. A possibility for dialogue between North and South in the secondary education?

  • Rebecca Knecht (Sociology/Gender Studies): The construction of belonging through communications on sexuality and relationships in housing projects for minor refugees.

  • Sahra Rausch (Political Science): Emotions and their Role in the Constitution of Collective Identities in Postcolonial Remembrance Politics of Germany and France.

  • Anastasia Remes (History): Representations of European History and Identity at World Expos: European Pavilions by the EU Institutions.

  • Anne Stöcker (Sociology): Subjective Perception of Prenatal Diagnostic Testing.

  • Marion Stopfinger (Sociology): Rape in the Bosnian War - Strategy or "Forward Panic"?

  • Theres Waldbauer (Sociology/Education Sciences): School as a place of socialization and interaction - Tablet schools a place of (social) interaction?

For further information about the Shortcuts-Programme, this year’s participants and their projects please see:

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Reminder Doctoral Positions

Veröffentlicht am 25. November 2016

We would like to draw your attention to our advertisement Doctoral Positions shortly before the application deadline 30 November 2016:

We are pleased to announce six doctoral positions (65%, TV-L E13)  starting 1 April 2017. Please find further information here:

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